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  1. Staying fit while traveling is one of the things that keep my feet planted at home, but after reading some of these recommendations, I feel that my concerns about staying fit while going abroad may not be so serious. And going by some of the suggestions in this article, I see that buying equipment may not even be necessary. Thanks for the article.

    1. Kara, I’m glad the article provided you with some new insights. Were there any particular methods mentioned in the article that you think you’re going to try? I’d love to hear.

  2. I am inspired to exercise while traveling. Yay!

  3. Hey, Amy. Love reading your travel blog! May I humbly suggest tip #10: Plan a (supported or unsupported) bike trip! It can be anything from a day or weekend trip right on up to two months (for example, trans-USA) or longer trip. Not only is it a great, cheap way to see the world, you also get into great shape just training for your vacation! See or for a wealth of info on bike tourism.

    1. Hey, Sal. Love your suggestion and am so glad you enjoy my blog.
      I appreciate you taking time to comment and share the additional resources. Yes, a bike trip is definitely a great way to stay fit when traveling and could be #10 or an extension of the “Ride a Bike” tip. I’ve never gone on a bike trip myself but will add that to my travel bucket list. Wishing you awesome travels!

  4. Thanks for the tip on the Classpass! My husband is always looking for a place to workout when he’s traveling and this may be just what he needs! Great post!

    1. You’re welcome for the tip, Liana. Staying fit when traveling can definitely be a challenge! Please let me know if your hubby tries ClassPass and how it works out for him. Also, look out for a future post on how to eat healthy when traveling. This may help him (and hopefully you) as well.

      Wishing you and your hubby awesome travels!