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So, you’ve asked and answered some questions to help you start planning your trip and you’ve checked out some additional resources to help you make your trip amazing.  

Great job!

Now, the last thing you have to do is figure out how you’re going to amuse yourself while you’re on the road. 

Don’t despair! I’ve put together a variety of apps and other resources that can help you pass the time along the way.

Let’s get started!


One of the most common things to do in the car is listen to music.  It’s definitely one of MY favorite ways to pass the time.  

I find music I like, crank up the volume, and sing along at the top of my lungs.  Sometimes, some awesome dance moves are thrown in (at least, I think they’re awesome!)  I get some funny looks from other people, but who cares?  I’ll probably never see them again anyway.


Whether you enjoy listening to music, sports, or podcasts, I’ve put together a list of apps that you can use no matter where you are.  
IHeartRadioiHEARTRADIO (Free on ios/Android/Windows)

Get unlimited music and thousands of radio stations all in one app. The iHeartRadio app gives you access to top radio stations, music, news, podcasts, sports, talk and comedy shows. You can also create your own custom radio stations so you can listen to your favorites anytime you want.  



PANDORA (Free on ios/Android/Windows/Amazon)

Listen anytime, anywhere with Pandora Radio. You can take your music with you wherever you go. Create a free account and listen to Pandora on your mobile devices, desktop, TV, or in the car. Personalize your listening by giving thumbs up or thumbs down to songs. If you give a song a thumbs up, Pandora will play more songs like it.; if you give a song a thumbs down, Pandora won’t play that song anymore on that station.



SpotifySPOTIFY (Free on ios/Android/Windows)

Spotify helps you find the right music for every moment. You can listen to it on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more. There are millions of tracks available. You can pick what you want to listen to or let Spotify surprise you. You can also browse through the music collections of friends, artists and celebrities, or create a radio station.


(Free on ios/Android/Windows)

If you’re driving in a radio dead zone where the only thing that will tune in is static, TuneIn may be the solution. With this app, you can listen to over 100,000 radio stations for free. TuneIn offers the largest free selection of sports, news, music and talk radio from around the world.



Another great way to pass time on the road is to listen to audiobooks.  There are several great options for this:

  • One is one of my favorite apps
  • The other is an option that most people have probably never heard of.

I’ve used and enjoyed both.

AUDIBLE (Free app; $14.95/month)Audible

Audible is a great resource for those who of us who want to read more but may not have time. It gives you access to thousands of books that are read to you by professional voice actors or the author him/herself!  

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to and sign up for your account.
  • Once you sign up, you’ll receive 1 free audiobook.
  • Then, download the free app on your phone or device or listen on your computer at
  • Each month, you will get 1 credit for a book. You may also purchase additional books at a 30% discount.

Although there is a monthly membership fee, I really like Audible and have listened to some amazing books that I had wanted to read but never did. Listening while you’re driving is a great way to accomplish two tasks: pass the time and listen to a great book!


Did you know that Cracker Barrel offers books-on-audio?

A friend of mine told me about it and its a great service for those who prefer to listen to CDs in the car.  


Here’s how it works:

  • You purchase your Book(s)-on-Audio title at the full retail price at any of Cracker Barrel’s 630+ locations.  Prices range from $9.99 to $48.00 (plus tax where applicable) based on the number of cassette tapes or CDs (or size of the book). 
  • Be sure to keep your receipt with the bookcase!
  • Listen to the book(s).
  • Return the book(s) to any Cracker Barrel location for a full refund minus a $3.49 per week rental fee (plus tax where applicable) (This is why you’ll need your receipt)
  • If you can’t return the book(s) to one of the Cracker Barrel locations, you can mail the book(s) to Guest Relations at P.O. Box 787, Lebanon, TN 37087.


Growing up, we probably all went on trips where we had to pass long hours by playing one game or another. Being one of five children, I remember trips to my grandparent’s houses 5-1/2 hours away that seemed endless.  There’s nothing worse than 5 bored kids confined in a car for that length of time!

If you’re traveling with your spouse, friend(s), or kid(s) and prefer some interaction over being ignored while they text with their friends or get on social media, the games below may be the answer to your prayers.  

Here are a few ideas.



jeopardyJEOPARDY! (Free on ios/Android)

If you watch Jeopardy on TV and find yourself yelling out the answer like I do, this game is for you!  You can test your knowledge with thousands of clues. Categories range from sports and pop culture to travel, world history and much more. On a road trip, the passenger can ask the driver the questions (like Alex Trebek does on the show).  If you take turns driving, you can take turns asking the questions.  It’s a fun way to pass the time while testing your knowledge. 


name that tuneNAME THAT TUNE (Free on ios/Android)

Based on the classic hit game show, this game is for new and old fans alike! Listen to the music and see if you can “name that tune”!  This is the best music trivia game available today.  It features 3 game types: Best of, Music Mash, and Music Bid. Put your musical knowledge to work for you!




MAD LIBS  (Free on ios/Android)

I venture to guess that the majority of us have played this game when we were young. I mean, its been around forever.  That being said, kids get a kick out of the silliness and its a good way to keep them amused. However, this does get old quickly for adults. (You’ve been forewarned. LOL;))

This website is family-focused and has a lot of games for kids of all ages.  The site includes free downloadable and printable games including word searches, license plate scavenger hunt, hangman, connect the dots, coloring pages, and more. 


what am iWHAT AM I? (Free on ios/Android)

Although this game is meant for kids, it can be fun for the whole family.  It’s kind of a cross between a crossword puzzle and Wheel of Fortune.  Fun riddles engage the players by making them think; the number of characters in the correct answer is shown below the riddle in the form of tiles.  


I hope this post helped you get some ideas for entertainment for your next road trip.  

Do you have any favorite games that you enjoy playing when you travel?  
If so, please share in the Comments below. 




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