12 Days of Travel - Day 5

“The safety of the people shall be the highest law.”
– Marcus Tillius Cicero

Safety and security: two very basic human needs, especially when flying.

Part of airline travel safety involves what passengers bring with them in their carry-ons, including the size and type of toiletries they carry.


“On Aug. 10, 2006, authorities in the United Kingdom arrested a group suspected of planning to blow up a large number of airplanes using a sports drink and other chemicals to make an explosive cocktail. In the aftermath, the TSA banned all liquids in carry-on baggage in flights leaving from or coming to the US. After rigorously testing liquids, the TSA implemented the 3-1-1 rule in September 2006.” (Mark Keenan, Travel Tips, USA Today)

THE 3-1-1 RULE

  • Liquids in containers 3.4 oz or smaller
  • Must be in a 1-quart bag
  • Only 1 bag allowed per passenger

Today’s wish list idea was inspired by the 3-1-1 Rule and will help you get through the airport security line with ease.

It’s also has a variety of other great uses…but I’ll cover that below.


gift ideas day 5 Auskit Silicone BottlesAusKit Travel Silicone Bottles

This awesome little travel kit is TSA approved and comes with a few extras.

Notable features:

  • 4 different colored 3.3 oz. leakproof refillable bottles made of 100% BPA-free food grade silicone 
    • The soft silicone used for the bottles allows you to easily squeeze out that last drop
    • Each bottle features a cap with changeable windows to identify its contents  
      • Choose from: Shamp., Cond., Soap, Sun (suntan lotion), Lotion, and 1 blank
  • A high-quality clear toiletry bag secured with a zipper 
  • A 26″ portable lanyard with 4 hooks [Check current price]

Although the kit is a little more expensive than others, it got a 5 rating from customers who’ve purchased it.  In fact, they liked the kit so much, they took the time to write reviews which are all very positive. 

The durable clear zippered bag is a great alternative to the Ziplock bag you usually carry your toiletries in since they’re prone to tearing and leaking.    The zipper will help keep the bag closed and its contents secure.

The lanyard is a great extra, too.  With it, you can hang the bottles from a shower head, shower curtain rod, towel rack, etc. for easy access.  

This Wish List Item is Ideal For:  Travel lovers (you) as well as campers, college students, gym goers, military personnel 

The AusKit Travel Silicone Bottles kit is definitely worth putting on your holiday wish list if you want to ask for a highly-rated gift under $25. 

So…now we’re 5 days down with 7 to go of The 12 Days of Travel. 

Check back tomorrow for Day 6’s wish list idea.  

Here’s a recap of the past 4 days’ of gift ideas:


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