12 Days of Travel - Day 4

“I have all the gear I will ever need…”
said NO photographer EVER.

I LOVE taking pictures (as do many other people, if you look at the popularity of apps like Instagram!)

Photos allow me to enjoy my travels when I’m capturing a moment and to relive that same moment for years afterward.  

When I look at my pictures, I can remember when I took them, where I was, and what was going on around me. 

If you enjoy documenting your travels and have a DSLR camera and accessories, today’s wish list idea is for you!

It will help you organize and carry your camera gear safely and compactly, while still allowing you to access it quickly when a photo opp presents itself.


Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack

wish list idea - day 4 - Altura Photo Camera Sling BackpackTop features:

  • Durable black exterior 
  • Attractive and slim design (16″ tall x 8.5″ wide x 5.5″ deep)
  • Designed for a DSLR camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony & Pentax) with a standard zoom lens as well as extra lenses or flash units
  • Customizable Velcro divider walls, mesh pockets for smaller accessories, tripod/monopod holder and quick access side doors.
  • The sling backpack design allows for quick rotation from the back to the front of your body, giving you easy and quick access to your gear without having to take it off 
  • MagicFiber Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth included 
  • 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee   Check current price

The price makes it pretty desirable on its own, but when you add the other great features, it becomes even more appealing!

I have this bag and love it!  Frankly, my traditional square over-the-shoulder camera bag was a little awkward and annoying.  

Since I rarely go on a trip without my Canon Eos Rebel T1 DSLR camera, the Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack suits my needs much better.

What do you think?  Are you adding this to your holiday wish list this year?  Please let me know in the comments below .

Ok. Four days down, 8 more to go in The 12 Days of Travel

You can check out the first 3 days of gift ideas below:


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