5 Awesome Travel Accessories You Probably Haven't Heard Of

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  1. I’m glad Tracey mentioned your blog.
    I looked at other posts and loved your 5 travel items.
    Will look for more.

    1. A Traveling Broad says:

      Thanks, Alice! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 Look for more posts soon…and let me know if there are any topics you’d like covered. (If you’d like to get notified about new posts, please subscribe to my email list.)

  2. Great piece! Really want that messenger bag!

  3. Great ideas! I seem to need to replace my carry on bag every few years and the one featured in your blog fits my current lifestyle. The pants, not so much. The suitcase would never get shut once I finished packing, but it would be cool to have. And the jacket is a must have. I’ll be traveling in the fall, so I might put in my order now.
    Thanks and keep on writing these great posts!

    1. A Traveling Broad says:

      Thanks, Tracey! I’ll keep my eyes open for other innovative travel gear. Let me know if you buy any of the items mentioned in my post and what you think of them. Appreciate you following my blog. More posts to come! – ATB