12 Days of Travel - Day 11


I’ve worn the same shirt every day for a week.

Hmm…I’ll probably change a few times a day so that’s…32 shirts.

Have you ever done this?  

Yeah, me too!  (I’m a woman.  I like to have options.)

However, packing lighter and more efficiently IS possible. 

I know this firsthand because I’ve done it myself several times.  Believe it or not, I traveled for 9-10 days each to Italy, Israel, and France with just my carryon.  

If you’re a chronic overpacker, today’s wish list item is for you!

It’s unisex, very affordable, creates more room in your carryon or suitcase, and helps you avoid the need to sit on your luggage to get it closed. 


Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags

gift ideas day 11 - Travis Space Saver BagsNotable Features:

  • No vacuum required – just use your own body weight for compression
  • Simply pack, close and roll
  • Helps you fit up to 3 times more in your bags (Yay!)
  • Allows you to organize your things by outfit, type of clothes, family member (however you choose)
  • Secure zipper closures
  • Made of durable material that will withstand multiple uses without hindering vacuum capacity.
  • Available in a variety of size combinations: 
    • Medium (23.5” x 15.75”) – Ideal for carry-ons; can hold 2 sweaters, one jacket, or 2 pairs of pants.
    • Large (27.5” x 19.6) – Ideal for suitcases; can hold 4 sweaters, 1 pillow, 1 coat jackets or 3 pairs of pants.
    • Jumbo (35.4” x 21.6”) – Can fit an entire winter/skiing outfit, 6 sweaters, 2 pillows, 5 pairs of pants, or large jackets.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are a chronic over-packer like me with no signs of changing your ways, these bags will become a lifesaver.  Check current price

This is an Ideal Gift For travelers, hikers, campers, and anyone else who wants to store their things more compactly.

Well, hard to believe but there’s only 1 more day left in The 12 Days of Travel!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post…I’ll be giving you some great ideas for stocking stuffers.

In case you missed the 10 previous gift ideas, here they are:

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