Tips from a Hotel Reservation Agent

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  1. These are some great ideas for booking a good hotel. I’ve never thought to ask about special offers to local attractions when I go. That would be a great way to save some money on our next vacation, I’m sure!

    1. So glad you found some new ideas, Rodney! You can also check Groupon for deals on attractions, tours, restaurants, and more before or after you arrive at your destination. Here’s a link that will give you $10 off your first purchase on Groupon:

  2. Great article, Traveling Broad! Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely be asking more questions next time!

    1. A Traveling Broad says:

      Thanks, Jane! I’m glad you found it helpful.

  3. Thank you for the info. I should have mentioned that we requested early check-in a few months prior, a week before, the day before, AND the morning of! We also heard others say they did the same and from what they were told had expected to be able to check-in upon arrival, the same as we did. Once there, though, they said their policy was no early check-ins. That’s why everyone was upset.

    1. A Traveling Broad says:

      Wow. That is terrible customer service!! The fact that so many guests experienced the same thing and on a holiday weekend…inexcusable. The hotel should have offered something to make up for the inconvenience. If I were you, I would not hesitate to complain to the hotel manager and post a review on social media.

  4. Great info! Very helpful for upcoming travels!

    1. A Traveling Broad says:

      Kim, thanks so much for your comment! I’m glad you found the information helpful. Keep your eyes out for future posts. – ATB

  5. These are some great tips, thanks for sharing! We had the weirdest experience this weekend staying in a hotel with a 4:00pm check-in and noon check-out. We arrived early to find that our room wasn’t ready and had to wait for hours, but luckily found plenty of things to do around the town. The hotel was booked solid and every single visitor arrived early to be surprised by and very upset about this. The employees of the hotel were very kind and were only following policy, but I plan to send the hotel comments today about that part of the experience. If every single check-in is upset about not having a room until the evening it may be time to change the policy! We will definitely take check in & out times more seriously when choosing hotels in the future!

    1. A Traveling Broad says:

      Franki, thanks for your comment. I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience but glad to that the hotel staff was kind. Being a holiday weekend, I’m not surprised that the hotel was completely booked. The reason hotels usually have a 4pm check-in time is to allow the housekeepers time to clean all of the rooms in the hotel. Depending on how well-staffed the hotel is, it can be a challenge to meet that deadline. If I’m going to arrive early, I find it helpful to call the hotel on the way and ask if my room is ready. If it is, great! If not, they’ll let you know. Once I know if its ready or not, I can decide whether to head directly to the hotel or grab a bite to eat and/or explore the area. If you want to give the hotel feedback, there are various social media sites you can use including Yelp! and Twitter. If the hotel has anyone monitoring their social media, I bet you will get a response pretty quickly. Hope your future travels go more smoothly! – ATB