fear of flying

When you think of flying, does your heart start to race? Do your palms get sweaty? Do you experience a shortness of breath?

If you answered yes, you may suffer from aviophobia, a fear of flying.

Despite the fact that the FAA estimates that flying is 200 times safer than driving, nearly 1 in 3 adult Americans is either:

  • Anxious about flying (18.1%)
  • Afraid to fly (12.6%)

adult coloring book

Apparently, women are twice as likely to have a fear of flying than men. (Hmmm…interesting.) *

If you have a fear of flying, try this on your next flight: Buy yourself an adult coloring book (or several!) and a set of colored pencils.

I know, I know. You’re saying to yourself, “Coloring books??  Is she nuts?” Coloring is just for kids.

Well…not anymore!

Art has been as a form of therapy for years.  Coloring, one form of art therapy, can reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and shift your focus. The more intricate the pattern you’re coloring, the more focused you’ll be.

When you’re not focusing on your fear of flying, your anxiety will be reduced and your flight will be more pleasant. Win-win!

If you prefer some edgier coloring books, consider buying one or more of these “adult” options: 

 Do YOU have a method for dealing with a fear of flying?
If YES, please share in the Comments below ⇓


*Source: “Fear of Flying: Impact on the U.S. Air Travel Industry.” Robert D. Dean, Kerry M. Whitaker.
Study sponsored by Boeing Commercial Airplane Company.)







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