hotel concierge

You’re walking through the lobby of your hotel when you see a sign that says “concierge.” 

Then, you notice the well-groomed man or woman behind the desk talking to a guest, on the phone, or on the computer.  You think to yourself:

  • What IS a concierge?
  • What do they DO?  
  • How can they help ME?  

It wasn’t so long ago that I had the same questions.  In order to help us all get a better understanding of this valuable (and often underutilized) resource, I reached out to a professional.

In her video interview with me, Sarah Dandashy, lead concierge at The London West Hollywood:

  • Answers some FAQs;
  • Clears up some common misconceptions; and
  • Shares insights and insider tips from her 12 years of experience.


00:15 – Meet my guest
– What Does a Hotel Concierge Do?
01:10 – Which hotels offer concierge service?
01:25 – Do concierges receive any special training?
02:15 – Are there different types or levels of hotel concierge?
03:15 – What are the benefits of working with a concierge?
04:30 – How can a guest help a concierge make the best recommendations?
05:13 – Does a concierge base recommendations on which vendors pay them a commission?
07:05 – Should guests tip a concierge?  If so, how much??
08:05 – How does a concierge know whether a vendor is good or bad?
08:55 – Is there any way a budget traveler can work with a concierge?


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