Costa Rica

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  1. Great tips! The budget part is perhaps the most likely culprit to burst a dream vacation bubble, but you’ve got some great guidelines to keep things in line. A few years ago some family came to visit from across the planet and they were recommended $500/day as a budget when planning. This would include (on a daily basis) a hotel night, transportation throughout the day, meals and snacks, and then stuff like excursions, gifts, etc. It’s amazing how quickly that can get eaten up!

    1. A Traveling Broad says:

      Thanks for reading, Kris! Yes, budget can definitely be an issue if you don’t plan well. $500/day sounds like a lot of money but I guess when its for an entire family, maybe it isn’t. I tend to try to travel pretty inexpensively. For example, I’d rather spend less on my hotel since I typically only sleep there and use the money I save to do, see and experience more in each place (local food, sightseeing, excursions/outings, etc.)