How to Save for the Trip of Your Dreams

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  1. Hey Amy, that is great advice! I’ve never heard of the 52 week challenge before this! I will have to start doing this too. One thing that I already do that really helps me put money away is pay myself first. When any money comes in, I put at least 10% of it away into a ‘financial freedom’ account. Paying yourself first instead of your bill(still pay your bills of course), lets the universe know that you consider yourself more important than bills-it’s an ‘energy’ thing. Can’t wait to hear more from you! Great posts so far!

    1. A Traveling Broad says:

      Hi, Jane. Thanks for reading my post and commenting. I, too, have money taken out of my paycheck and “pay myself first.” I didn’t start doing this until later in my life, but its never too late to start. Its great to see the savings and 401(k) balances increasing – it keeps me motivated to continue saving. 🙂

  2. These savings tips are simple enough to do. I think most people might want to take more aggressive savings steps and change the numbers to suit their goal. Let’s say I want to get up to the point where I’m saving 20% of my income. Then I need to figure out what 20% of my weekly earnings is and make that Week 52, then work backward from there. Example: I make $1,000 a week. Week 52 deposit is $200. Divide 52 into 200 and it’s roughly 4. So make the increments each week jump by $4. Week 1 = $4, Week 2 = $8, Week 10 = $40, and so on.

    1. A Traveling Broad says:

      Yes, Tracey, I agree that many people will want to save more money than $1,378. However, the plan options offer ideas for starting to save, which is the ultimate goal. Thanks for the comment!