My Bucket List

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  1. After reading your article I created my Bucket List almost right away. I went the simple route with just a list of places I wanted to go and things I wanted to do. When I finished my list the first thing that hit me was how young I was when some of these items became goals in my life that I never got around to doing. Some of these dreams have been with me for three decades and I’ve never followed through on them.

    Putting these into a Bucket List was the best thing I’ve ever done. One of my top three Bucket List items has now become a reality for me. I just got back from my first trip to Hawaii where I came face to face with volcanoes and stood less than five feet from actual flowing lava! I spent nine days with my best friend across three different Hawaiian Islands that culminated in a 7-mile round trip hike across a treacherous landscape of twisted, folded, cracked and barren volcanic glass to reach the area where lava flow was still active. It’s been a while since I’ve ever felt so alive.

    Thank you for this blog and the never-ending wealth of information on all things travel. My Bucket List is no longer just a list. It’s a living document that is going to have a major impact on my life and the decisions I make in the future.

  2. Created one and added it to my blog. Thanks for sharing. Made me realize its not only inspirational to create one, but to help others realize their own potential for happiness as well.

  3. I loved the article! It made me start picturing where i want to go. I especially like the idea of clipping pictures and aricles to make a collage Bucket list! Thanks for the kick start.

    1. Sheri D, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that it inspired you to make your own Bucket List. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas. I also find the “old school” collage method a lot of fun. All you need is scissors, some magazines, poster board, and a glue stick. Have fun with it – and thanks for reading and commenting!